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Our Story

The Heart Behind Woven Together

In 2017, my husband and I had a miscarriage. We went in for a routine check-up and were told our baby's heart had stopped beating.

As I was healing after surgery from the miscarriage, the most I walked in the first few days was from the couch to the bathroom and back. Hanging by our bathroom we have a woven wall hanging from Target. After passing that weaving every 5 minutes to get up to use the bathroom, I finally had an idea: I was going to learn to make woven wall hangings while I couldn’t be moving around for the next week (extremely random, but when I set my mind on something I am determined to make it happen). I explained to Noah what I wanted to do, and he helped get the materials (He definitely thought I had lost my mind, but he is the sweetest man ever and was willing to do whatever would make me feel better). After countless YouTube videos and with my mind spinning, I attempted my first weaving. It was far from perfect, but creating the weaving was the most peaceful and soothing thing in the moment. I was able to sit alone, listen to worship music, and take my mind off of everything that was swirling through my head. I was being fed truth through the worship music while I worked, and as I look back I can see the Lord gently using this time to heal my heart. I fell in love with the art of weaving and it was my chance to just sit and work through the emotions of loss. 

As the days went on I continued to make weavings, buy yarn (much to Noah’s dismay), and spend time alone reflecting while weaving. It was part of the healing process for me, and it began to open doors for me to share our story and connect with women from all over. There is such power in community. 

As I continued to make weavings, Noah, my friends, and my family encouraged me to start selling the weavings. As I decided to do this, a friend looked up the definition of weaving. Weave: taking pieces and putting them together to make a whole. When hearing this definition, I suddenly saw such a vivid picture of how these weavings reflected my own life. Throughout my life I have watched as the Lord has consistently taken the pieces of my brokenness, mended and woven the pieces back together, and made me whole and complete. He is a God who meets us in the middle of our mess and redeems brokenness. I was reminded that he is near to the broken-hearted and listens to every cry. He is steadfast, even as we are walking through the hardest trials and darkest seasons. During this season I learned that there can be joy found even while your heart is hurting, and little things-like weaving- can teach you a lot about life. 

Now my prayer is that these weavings fill spaces with joy and are a consistent reminder that the Lord has the power to redeem brokenness, that He is good even in our suffering, and a reminder of His steadfast love through each season of our lives.

As Woven Together has continued to grow, we expanded to creating handmade jewelry along with weavings. Creating is still such a joy for me and I am thankful for the opportunity to share this with you all! We are continually overwhelmed with the Lord's provision and how He has worked through Woven Together. We pray that every item we make is used to spread joy and hope even in the tiniest of ways.

Thank you so much for supporting our family through Woven Together! It means the world to us.   



Meet the Maker

I'm Olivia, the creator behind all things Woven Together. I have been married to the greatest man on earth since 2016 (but we met in Kindergarten), now have a sweet little baby girl, and have always loved creating things. I never imagined owning my own business, and have been so blown away watching the Lord use and grow Woven Together.

I am extremely passionate about creating products that are fun, beautiful, and unique. My passion is to share hope + joy with each piece I create, and I am so thankful you all have allowed me to do this.

 When I am not creating for Woven Together, you can find me hiking with my family, cheering on the Vols, drinking coffee with tons of creamer, or chasing Lenya around!

Thanks for allowing our designs to be a part of your story, and for following along with ours!